• A committed, multidisciplinary team

    Les Entreprises M.A.

    Les Entreprises M.A. designs products according to specifications and tailored to suit the fabrication and manufacturing needs of each client. That’s turnkey service at its best!

    Our professionals also assist with the maintenance and repair of industrial machinery directly on client premises, and they perform installations throughout Quebec.


  • CWB certification: Mission accomplished!

    In March 2013, Les Entreprises M.A. obtained certification from the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB)—a symbol of quality, competence, safety, and compliance.

    The three months it took to become certified was time well spent, since Les Entreprises M.A. can now collaborate with any company that requires this certification.

    The CWB certification is a demonstration of the serious commitment of Les Entreprises M.A.’s team to offering the highest level of service to all clients.

Icone de l'entreprise Why choose Entreprise MA?

Want to retrofit and upgrade your facilities to achieve higher productivity? Whether it’s for an upcoming relocation or for the acquisition of heavy and bulky equipment to modernize your company, Les Entreprises M.A. offers a host of services under one roof.

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  • Installation, fabrication and maintenance directly at your plant!
  • Cutting, assembly and welding of steel parts
  • Relocation, transportation of industrial machinery and equipment!


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